Before beginning lessons, I ask that all students and/or parents read and agree to my Studio Policy. I created these guidelines to help the studio run smoothly, so that I have the ability to focus on teaching, ensuring consistency and quality of study for all students. Failure to follow the studio policy may result in release from the studio and termination of lessons, at my discretion.

What is expected?

Attendance: As a student with a reserved, weekly lesson, you are enrolled in the studio, much as you would be in a school or college. It is very important that you make every effort to maintain excellent attendance.

Practice: It’s important that my students consistently progress. I only accept students who are committed to improving. Your goals will be clear at the end of every lesson. You are always welcome to contact me with any questions.

Punctuality: My students are expected to be on time to their lessons. Lessons begin and end as scheduled. If you are tardy to a lesson, you will not be kept over your allotted time.

Preparation: Bring a recording device (ex: smart phone with recording app), hard binder with double sided photocopy of music, extra copy of music for me, pencil, staff paper (can be printed for free online), and any theory/piano books assigned. A water bottle is not required, but strongly encouraged.

Staying Healthy: Protect your voice! Wash your hands frequently. Make sure you get enough sleep before the day of your lesson. Do not raise your voice while at sporting/concert events.

Cancellation Policy    

If you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson, please give at least 24 hours advance notice to ensure that you will not be charged. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be expected to pay for the lesson. As a courtesy, the first absence with less than 24 hours notice will NOT be charged.

Out of fairness and courtesy to me and other students, please note that I can make no exceptions to this policy. This includes cancellations due to illness, weather, transportation problems, etc.  I typically follow the local school district’s decision on school closure and cancellation of after-school activities due to weather. We will typically have lessons on Monday holidays like MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, etc. unless otherwise discussed. If you are unsure about a lesson, please ask in advance.

All students must communicate scheduling changes and cancellations via email ( Verbally informing me of potential cancellations does not constitute a cancellation. I respectfully request as much notice as possible when canceling appointments, but there is no fee unless cancellations are made with less than 24-hours notice.

If I (the teacher) have to cancel a lesson, the student is not held financially responsible. In this case, I will try to find a mutually convenient time for a makeup lesson. Please note that due to schedule restraints, this is not a guarantee.

Clients are encouraged to understand this policy on a variety of levels:

It Makes Teachers Better

Cancellation policies protect the time, energy, and devotion of hard-working teachers. It is courteous to value teacher’s energies by giving ample notice for cancellations and compensating their time when you cannot. This benefits the student because I am better able to maintain a high level of passion, devotion, and energy to teaching and helping students achieve their goals.

It Makes Students Better

By taking responsibility for high-level training and lessons, students maintain a deep commitment, strong work ethic, and understanding of professionalism. I have taken voice lessons for over 15 years and as a student, I personally understand the importance of these policies. I understand that cancellation policies sometimes are difficult and can even seem unfair or frustrating. Nonetheless, rest assured that I have learned the value of treating lessons with deepest commitment and respect my own teachers by observing their cancellation policies. This is a very important part of showing teachers that their time is valuable. Respecting the hard work and time of fellow singers is paramount to being successful as an artist.

It Makes Other Singers Better

Lesson times fill up very quickly. Since there is often a waiting list for specific times, a cancellation policy is even more important. Students often need sessions at the last minute for major auditions, recordings, performances, or opportunities. It is impossible to help students achieve success when cancellations are given with little notice. By striving to give 72+ hours notice for cancellations, students can help fellow singers succeed by allowing them access to unused lesson times that may be very important to them.

Your understanding of the Studio Policy is greatly appreciated.  I am committed to ensuring a fair situation for all students. Please know that I care and respect each and every student. Enforcement of the cancellation policy is not meant personally, but is simply a part of professional studies in any leading music studio. I thank you again for your courtesy and respect in honoring the Studio Policy. I look forward to our musical journey together!